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Iowa Playground Safety and Prevention Strategies

Almost one-third of all playground fatalities and about 75% of playground-related injuries happen on public playgrounds, such as school playgrounds, city parks and community playgrounds, according to Safe Kids USA. And, about 40% of these incidents o… Read More
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What to Do When Medical Devices Cause More Harm than Good

Although you may not want to go through surgery, you most likely know that if your Iowa doctor is recommending surgery, it will most likely improve your quality of life. However, what if it doesn’t? Surgeries such as hip replacements, implantab… Read More
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Giant Pharmaceutical Company Involved in Product Liability Lawsuits After FDA Pulls Avandia Off Retail Shelves

Sadly it has taken years of consumer complaints for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to pull Avandia from retail sales. The drug Avandia was used to treat Type 2 diabetes, but growing concerns from consumers taking this drug indicated that… Read More
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