Business Litigation

Brady Preston Gronlund has attorneys who are experienced in handling a broad range of business litigation, both in terms of types of cases and sizes of cases. Business litigation refers broadly to conflicts and disputes relating to business transactions, or economic harm caused by or to a business. Common types of business litigation include:

  • Breach of contract;
  • Partnership, shareholder, or LLC membership disputes;
  • Trademark or copyright violations;
  • Trade secret theft/violation;
  • Fraudulent or negligent misrepresentation; and
  • Insurance coverage disputes.

While Brady Preston Gronlund has represented a variety of parties in business litigation, from private individuals to Fortune 500 corporations, Brady Preston Gronlund most frequently represents individuals and small business owners who have disputes with other businesses, and frequently with the other businesses being much larger. While most business litigation is billed on an hourly-rate basis, where appropriate, Brady Preston Gronlund has represented parties in business litigation on a contingency-fee basis.