Consumer & Financial Fraud

Have you been the victim of unfair, deceptive, or fraudulent business practices?

Credit card fraud insuranceAccording to the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC), an estimated 25 million people in America are the victims of some form of consumer fraud each year. Unfortunately, while there are both state and federal laws to protect us against these business scams and schemes, the problem of unfair or deceptive business practices continues - and it can be difficult to recover your losses after you have been ripped off.

At Brady Preston Gronlund, we help those who have been treated unfairly by a business, company, or individual fight back and recover what has been stolen from them. Even if your claim is relatively small, and even if you are fighting a powerful company, a class action consumer fraud lawsuit could be the answer to securing your rightful money and shutting down fraudulent companies. With law offices in Cedar Rapids, and serving all of eastern Iowa, we will listen to your story of fraud and help you recover your losses and hold the guilty parties responsible.

What are the most common types of consumer fraud in Iowa?

  • Advanced fee loans. The most common type of consumer fraud in the country today, this scam takes place when a consumer is asked to pay money upfront in order to secure a loan or credit card.
  • Buyer's club membership fraud. In these cases, a consumer is asked to pay for a buyer's club membership or a buyer's publication without ever agreeing to join.
  • Credit card insurance fraud. Credit card insurance fraud takes place when a company asks for money in exchange for preventing your credit card from being misused - consumers are already protected in this way by federal laws.
  • Credit repair fraud. Credit repair fraud occurs when consumers pay companies to remove the poor portions of their credit history from their records.
  • Prize promotion fraud. In these scams, consumers are ripped off when they pay money in order to become eligible for a prize.
  • Pyramid schemes. In a pyramid scheme, consumers are asked to pay an upfront fee and then recruit others to pay a similar fee - with no products or services ever being involved.
  • Defective product fraud. In these rip-offs, consumers buy products that do not work or that do not perform as advertised.

These are just a few examples of consumer fraud and financial fraud. Anyone who has lost money because of faulty company claims, shady business practices, misleading business opportunities, or false advertising has been a victim of consumer or financial fraud - and they should act to put a stop to such organizations and practices. While scammers often target certain demographics - such as senior citizens, those with large amounts of debt, and fledgling entrepreneurs - anyone can become caught up in a scam. Although in the past most scammers used telemarketing and mail, the internet is now a hotbed of fraudulent business practices and schemes.

What is a consumer fraud or financial fraud class action lawsuit?

When an organization or entity engages in an unfair business practices, scams, or misleading advertising, hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people can fall victim to their fraudulent activity. A class action lawsuit allows some or all of the individuals who suffered a loss to come together and file a complaint against the company that tricked them.

Class action lawsuits can involve any number of different fraud cases, including consumer fraud, financial fraud, credit card fraud, investment fraud, healthcare fraud, business fraud, insurance fraud, or bank fraud. Although it may seem impossible to fight a large, powerful, and rich corporation by yourself, class action fraud lawsuits and consumer fraud attorneys make it manageable to stand up for yourself, whether you are owed a few hundred dollars or a more significant sum.

Stop the company or individual who ripped you off - talk to a consumer fraud lawyer

No one truly knows how many Americans are scammed each year by companies engaging in unfair practices or all-out deception - many of those who are tricked are too embarrassed or ashamed to admit that they have been taken advantage of or lost money. However, when no one speaks about their consumer fraud incident, the company or individual who scammed you will keep defrauding others and you will have no chance of recovering your money. Talking to an Iowa consumer fraud attorney can help you understand your options for getting your money back and for shutting down the business that defrauded you forever. Call Brady Preston Gronlund today at 319.866.9277 or fill out the electronic form on this page to set up a confidential consultation

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