Who is responsible for lead poisoning?

Lead poisoning cases can be pursued against several different parties depending upon the specific situation. Some of the liable parties can include:

  • Landlords of apartment buildings
  • Owners of rental homes
  • Sellers of homes and real estate agents
  • School and day care facility owners
  • Manufacturers

When landlords and owners of older apartment buildings, single family homes, day care centers and schools fail to eliminate the lead-based paint from their properties, they can be held responsible for lead paint damages to children as well as adults.

If someone sells their home and the real estate agent or the homeowner does not disclose that there is lead based paint in the home, they could be held liable. In addition, manufacturers of products who fail to disclose that lead-based paint was used can also be responsible for lead poisoning.

If you believe that your child has been affected negatively by lead-based toys, products, or by paint in your child's school or home, you may have an Iowa lead poisoning claim. Call the experienced Cedar Rapids child lead poisoning attorneys at the law offices of Brady Preston Gronlund today at (319) 866-9277, or visit our website and request a copy of our FREE book Get the Lead Out.