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At Brady Preston Brown, we specialize in personal injury and fraud cases in Eastern Iowa, including the following practice areas: car accident injuries, truck accident injuries, motorcycle accident injuries, catastrophic injuries, consumer fraud, commercial fraud, class action lawsuits, business litigation, and lead poisoning cases.

Catastrophic Injuries

Brady Preston Brown, Attorneys at Law, practice out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and take on a range of catastrophic injury cases, including farm accident injuries, traffic accident injuries, nursing home neglect and abuse injuries, and birth trauma injuri… Read More

Car, Truck & Motorcycle Accidents

Cedar Rapids personal injury lawyers Brady Preston Brown help the victims of all types of traffic accidents, including car crashes, motorcycle accidents, truck wrecks, pedestrian accidents, and bicycle accidents. Get the compensation you deserve with… Read More

Lead Poisoning

Brady Preston Brown, Attorneys at Law, specialize in Eastern Iowa lead poisoning cases involving paint chips, tainted soil, lead dust, lead pipes, supplements containing lead, and toys containing lead. If you or your child has been harmed by dangerou… Read More

Product Liability

If you have suffered injuries and losses because of an unsafe drug, medical device, or hazardous product, you may have a claim against the manufacturer, distributor and seller. We have investigated and filed a number of such claims for Iowans, includ… Read More

Class Actions

Cedar Rapids class action attorneys Brady Preston Brown specialize in helping the protection of consumer rights against large corporations. Contact us today at 319-866-9277. Read More

Consumer & Financial Fraud

Have you been a victim of consumer fraud or financial fraud in Iowa? Cedar Rapids attorneys Brady Preston Brown specialize in helping their clients recover compensation from individuals and companies who have defrauded them. Read More

Business Litigation

Brady Preston Brown, Attorneys at Law, specialize in business litigation cases involving breach of contract, partnership, shareholder or LLC membership disputes, trademark or copyright violations, trade secret/theft violation, fraudulent or negligent… Read More

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