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As you may know, laws are often interpreted, tested, and even changed through the daily events around us. Do you keep up with Iowa legal news? This webpage strives to keep our readers informed of the pertinent legal cases taking place today, as well as what these cases mean to the law in general.

BREAKING NEWS: Class Action Settlement: Linn County Iowa Case Number LACV 091106

May 23, 2019

These materials relate to the lawsuit captioned Vondell Prime, Rocky Wicher, Michelle Lutenske, and Joyce Davis, on behalf of themselves and all persons similarly situated v. CR Five Seasons Property LLC, CR Five Seasons LLC, MHPI Finance, Inc. and Universal Utilities, Inc., Linn County Iowa Case Number LACV 091106.

Settlement Notice of Class Action Against Kelley Properties

The materials below relate to the lawsuit captioned Katherine Hicks, Ian Hicks, Rosa Sanchez, individually and as representatives of a class of others similarly situated v. Kelley Properties, Inc., Linn County Iowa Case Number Case No. CVCV087317. No… Read More
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The Iowa Court of Appeals was recently confronted with an issue that it identified as not having been previously decided in the state of Iowa. The question presented is whether, in Iowa, a parent corporation can be found liable for intentional interf… Read More
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Iowa Abandons Longstanding Test Used in Employment Discrimination Cases

The Iowa Supreme Court recently revisited the burden-shifting analysis that is used in an employment discrimination case. The Iowa Supreme Court noted that it had previously moved away from requiring that the employee first show that the employer’s… Read More
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Iowa Supreme Court Rejects Lawsuit Challenging the Dakota Access Pipeline

On May 31, 2019, the Iowa Supreme Court issued its opinion rejecting a lawsuit filed by landowners, and interested parties including various landowner associations and the Sierra Club Iowa Chapter, challenging the Dakota Access pipelines routing thro… Read More
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U.S. Supreme Court Limits Class Action Arbitration

On April 24, 2019, the U.S. Supreme Court issued its opinion in the matter of Lamps Plus, Inc., et al. v. Varela. Varela, along with other co-employees, had been the victim of a fraudulent tax return that had been filed using information about the em… Read More
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Iowa DOT cannot order removal of traffic cameras

On April 27, 2018 the Iowa Supreme Court issued its decision regarding the issue of whether cities including Cedar Rapids, Des Moines and Muscatine could continue to maintain their traffic cameras on interstates and highways, notwithstanding an Iowa… Read More
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Iowa Supreme Court Allows Post-Accident Evidence of Intoxication in Dram Shop Suit

On March 30, 2018, the Iowa Supreme Court issued a decision finding that evidence of a person’s demonstration of intoxication after an accident, may be used in a dram shop lawsuit as evidence that a licensed establishment serving alcohol knew or sh… Read More
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The Iowa Attorney General has identified over 18,000 Iowa residents who are victims of this fraud. Victims of this fraud, including Iowa residents, have until May 31, 2018 to submit a claim. Read More
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United State Supreme Court upholds state court jurisdiction over IPO securities class action

Today, the United States Supreme Court issued an opinion upholding the ability of state courts to hear claims filed as class actions related to initial public offering securities fraud. The case arose from an interpretation of the effect of the 1995… Read More
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Iowa Supreme Court Today - CR's Traffic Cameras

Today the Iowa Supreme Court will receive oral argument concerning the City of Cedar Rapids’ automated traffic enforcement ordinance in two separate appeals. The Iowa Court of Appeals previously rejected the appellants’ arguments, alleging the au… Read More
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