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As you may know, laws are often interpreted, tested, and even changed through the daily events around us. Do you keep up with Iowa legal news? This webpage strives to keep our readers informed of the pertinent legal cases taking place today, as well as what these cases mean to the law in general.

Class Action Settlement: Linn County Iowa Case Number LACV 091106

May 23, 2019

These materials relate to the lawsuit captioned Vondell Prime, Rocky Wicher, Michelle Lutenske, and Joyce Davis, on behalf of themselves and all persons similarly situated v. CR Five Seasons Property LLC, CR Five Seasons LLC, MHPI Finance, Inc. and Universal Utilities, Inc., Linn County Iowa Case Number LACV 091106.

Cedar Rapids Landlord Sentenced to Prison for Fraud

On Monday, September 27, 2010, Mark W. Bennett, a U.S. District Court Judge, sentenced an Iowa landlord to prison on counts of fraud and perjury. Robert Miell, the 56-year-old landlord, owns hundreds of rental properties throughout Cedar Rapids. He p… Read More
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Similac Recalls Baby Formula Because of Risk of Beetles

Abbott, the manufacturer of Similac infant formula, has recalled many types of formula because of fears that the formula may have beetles or larvae in it. The FDA has determined that infants who ingest the formula may suffer gastrointestinal discomfo… Read More
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Categories: Product Liability

National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week is October 24-30, 2010

National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week is October 24-30, 2010. This year’s theme is “Lead Free Kids for a Healthy Future.” The focus will be on teaching parents how to avoid lead poisoning. The CDC and the EPA are promoting three s… Read More
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Categories: Lead Poisoning

Iowa farmer suffocated in grain bin

A 69 year old southwest Iowa farmer died in a grain bin accident on September 28, 2010. He reportedly was assisting neighbors in loading grain and may have entered the bin when the auger became clogged. One person was injured attempting to locate him… Read More
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Court approves dietary supplement consumer fraud class action

The New Jersey Supreme Court has decided that a New Jersey resident who purchased dietary supplement pills that promised “reduced belly fat” may bring his claim as a class action on behalf of thousands of New Jersey consumers who purchased the pr… Read More
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Categories: Class Actions

Lead Poisoning in Nigeria Prompts UN Assistance

This week the United Nations announced that it planned to send an emergency team of environmental specialists, along with $2 million dollars, to assist with the outbreak of lead poisoning in Nigeria this year. The outbreak is thought to be caused by… Read More
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Categories: Lead Poisoning

Iowa to Enforce Lead-based Paint Renovation, Repair & Painting Program

The state of Iowa recently became authorized to administer the federal Lead-based Paint Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) program. Iowa became the second state in the nation to receive this authorization as Governor Chet Culver certified the prog… Read More
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Categories: Lead Poisoning

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