Court approves dietary supplement consumer fraud class action

The New Jersey Supreme Court has decided that a New Jersey resident who purchased dietary supplement pills that promised “reduced belly fat” may bring his claim as a class action on behalf of thousands of New Jersey consumers who purchased the product. The lawsuit claimed that that the manufacturer engaged in consumer fraud under the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act, since there was no scientific support for the claimed benefits. The Court determined that a class action was the best method for resolving these types of claims, since common issues of law and fact predominated over any individual issues that might be raised in separate lawsuits for each purchaser, and that the only practical and economical way that each consumer could recover on these relatively small claims was through a class action.

New Jersey’s consumer fraud and class action statutes are very similar to Iowa’s statutes and may apply in similar circumstances in Iowa. Our firm has experience in bringing class actions, including consumer fraud claims under Iowa’s new consumer fraud statute. Please consult with attorneys in our office if you are interested in pursuing a consumer fraud claim.

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