Is there anything seniors can do to reduce their risks of becoming victims of financial fraud?

Unfortunately con artists prey on senior citizens because they know that seniors are often trusting people, from a generation where a man's word was honorable. Cons target senior citizens often because they know that they are typically home to answer the telemarketing phone calls, the mail, or the door bell.

Cons also know that seniors generally do not use computers to check their bank accounts and financial statements, so they are more apt to get away with committing financial fraud including: credit card fraud, investment fraud, healthcare fraud, identity theft, forging checks, and even stealing money.

The best thing you can do is to talk with your senior parent and warn them of the scams that are taking place. Inform them that it is usually not a good idea to purchase anything from a solicitor or give anyone else their credit cards, checkbooks, social security cards or healthcare cards.

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