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Learn more about your Iowa legal case by reading our library of short, informative, and clear articles. These articles center specifically on cases that take place in Iowa and Iowa laws. Can't find the information you are looking for? Realize that every case is different and call Brady Preston Brown today to schedule a no-obligation meeting with one of our attorneys.

Do You Know How Many Fatalities Occur From Truck Accidents Each Year?

Most people realize that truck accidents occur every day, but don’t stop to think of the reality of the statistics or the severity of these crashes. Truck accidents are one of the leading caus… Read More
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Heads Up: Traumatic Brain Injury May Follow a Cedar Rapids Auto Accident

It happens far too often: you may be sitting at a stop light or traveling in your vehicle obeying the road rules when another driver disregards a signal light or stop sign and crashes into your car. W… Read More
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Do You Know What Symptoms to Look for After an Iowa Car Crash?

Typically, victims of an Iowa car crash are transported by ambulance to the emergency room for medical attention, if serious injuries occur. One of the most common, yet serious injuries victims rece… Read More
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Traumatic Brain Injuries in Iowa Are on the Rise Due to Youth Sports

Many children play sports, including football, soccer, baseball and basketball among others. Although sports provide a way for children to get exercise, release energy, and become more coordinated, th… Read More
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10 Things NOT to Do Following an Iowa Tractor Accident

If you are in the farming and agriculture industry in Iowa, you probably already know that tractor accidents occur all too often. Working around heavy equipment is dangerous, and since a tractor is an… Read More
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Attention SUV Owners: Manufacturers Could Be Liable for Your Iowa Rollover Roof Failure

Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV) have been associated with the soccer mom or family car, just as the minivan is; however, SUVs have crossed over that stereotypical barrier and appeal to all different age… Read More
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An Iowa Catastrophic Injury May Lead to Spinal Cord Injury

If you or someone you love has been involved in a high impact Iowa car crash, vehicle rollover, sports injury, or serious fall and sustained a spinal cord injury, you probably already know the severi… Read More
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Iowa Increases Fines for Speeding

Almost every driver has either driven over the maximum speed limit or has been a passenger in a car when another driver was speeding.  One of the biggest reasons motorists speed is to make sure they… Read More
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Defective Seatbelts Can Come Unlatched During an Iowa Car Crash

Whether by your driving instructor, your parents or the media, you most likely have been informed that seatbelts save lives. Buckling up while traveling in a car is important for your safety, especial… Read More
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Learn How to Respond to an Iowa Tractor Rollover Farm Accident

Farming is an essential occupation in the United States, as it provides food and other necessary items that people desire. Even though this is an important industry, the National Safety Center named t… Read More
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