10 Things NOT to Do Following an Iowa Tractor Accident

If you are in the farming and agriculture industry in Iowa, you probably already know that tractor accidents occur all too often. Working around heavy equipment is dangerous, and since a tractor is an essential piece of equipment, working with a tractor is almost inevitable. Sadly, tractors are the main cause of fatalities and catastrophic injuries on farms.

When an Iowa tractor accident or any other type of farming accident occurs, here are things you do NOT want to do:

  1. Do NOT divulge too much information to the first responder. When first responders, rescue workers, and police officers arrive one scene, they will be asking you questions and wanting to get information from you regarding your accident or your co-worker's fatal accident. Insurance adjusters may even be on scene, so be careful what you say.
  2. Do NOT assume or speculate on the details of the accident if you do not know what happened.
  3. Do NOT apologize or accept blame for your Iowa farm accident without knowing all the details of what happened. There could have been a defective part or attachment or another cause that contributed to the tractor accident.
  4. Do NOT provide information to the equipment dealer, as they may take it out of context. They do not want to be blamed or associated with your accident. Although you may think they have loyalty to you, they don't. Their loyalty is with the manufacturer that allows them to sell that tractor or piece of equipment.
  5. Do NOT use the equipment or allow anyone else on the farm to continue to use it. If a serious accident occurred, an expert needs to inspect the equipment for evidence. Also, if the tractor remains in use, another catastrophic accident may occur.
  6. Do NOT give the insurance adjuster or anyone else permission to record your statement. Recorded statements may be used against you, and you are not required to give a recorded statement.
  7. Do NOT give too much information to the insurance adjuster, as he or she will be looking for ways to diminish your claim.
  • Do NOT sign medical release forms.
  • Do NOT sign wage loss forms or any other form unless your attorney has reviewed the paperwork first.
  • Do NOT wait to speak with a farm accident attorney. You will need to seek the advice of a knowledgeable Iowa tractor accident lawyer as soon as possible. An attorney will be able to help you collect evidence, investigate the accident scene, and talk to the insurance adjusters on your behalf.

Your Iowa tractor accident could have been caused by an accidental activation, improper equipment design, design flaw, defective equipment or other problems. Contact an experienced Cedar Rapids personal injury lawyer today at Brady Preston Gronlund for a free consultation at (319) 866-9277.