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Do You Know How Many Fatalities Occur From Truck Accidents Each Year?

Most people realize that truck accidents occur every day, but don't stop to think of the reality of the statistics or the severity of these crashes. Truck accidents are one of the leading causes of traffic fatalities throughout Iowa and this nation. A truck crash in Iowa occurs when a large truck (also known as a tractor-trailer, big rig, semi, or 18-wheeler) collides with a car, motorcycle or pedestrian. Typically, the truck drivers are not the ones injured or killed in these crashes.

According to the 2008 traffic safety facts from The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were an estimated 380,000 large truck accidents (involving trucks weighing 10,000 pounds or more) in the U.S. alone. Out of these truck crashes, about 4,066 were fatal accidents. 4,229 people died in these accidents and 90,000 people were injured.

In fact, the Department of Transportation (DOT) along with other agencies estimate that there are approximately 500,000 truck accidents (involving trucks weighing 8,000 pounds or more) that occur throughout the nation each year, and around 5,000 of these accidents end in fatalities. These statistics are astonishing, as the numbers show that about one in nine traffic fatalities occur from large trucks.

Because of a truck's sheer size and weight, which is generally 8,000 to 10,000 pounds or more, serious and catastrophic injuries or fatalities can occur, including:

If you or a loved one was injured in a truck accident in Iowa and suffered a spinal cord injury, head trauma, paralysis or any other catastrophic injury due to a negligent truck driver, you should speak with an experienced Iowa accident attorney. You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries, medical bills, physical therapy, ongoing medical treatment, loss of wages, and more. We know financial compensation will not take away your injury, but you will need money to get the necessary medical care to live a more comfortable life despite your injury.

If you have been in a car or truck accident in Cedar Rapids due to another driver's negligence, contact the law office of Brady Preston Gronlund today. There are many rules that govern the trucking industry, and you will need a knowledgeable accident attorney to help you obtain the truck's electronic information, the trucker's log books, and other information in order to get you a fair compensation for the injuries you sustained. Call (319) 866-9277 and speak with an experienced Iowa injury attorney.

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