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Learn more about your Iowa legal case by reading our library of short, informative, and clear articles. These articles center specifically on cases that take place in Iowa and Iowa laws. Can't find the information you are looking for? Realize that every case is different and call Brady Preston Brown today to schedule a no-obligation meeting with one of our attorneys.

Ten Tips for Avoiding Online Scams

More and more consumers in Iowa and across the country are finding the Internet a convenient and cost-effective way to shop. Here are ten tips to help you get what you want online and leave what you d… Read More
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Seniors Beware: Lower Standards of Care in Iowa Long-Term Care Facilities

You probably never imagined that you would be here, a victim of nursing home abuse in Iowa. Either yourself, your parent, or someone you love may have been hurt as a result of negligent care at a long… Read More
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Small Hands-Big Dangers: Unsafe children’s products threaten the safety of the youngest consumers

Parents are devoted to keeping their children safe, but the same is not always true for product manufacturers. Too often, toys, cribs, car seats and many other products made specifically for children… Read More
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Pyramid Schemes & Multi-Level Marketing Rip-Offs In Iowa: Protecting Yourself

According to the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC), pyramid schemes and multi-level marketing rip-offs are two of the most widely reported types of consumer fraud in America today. But what… Read More
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Cardiac Arrest Can Occur from Darvocet – a Prescription Painkiller

On Friday, November 19, 2010, Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals recalled two of its brand name drugs, Darvocet and Darvon, versions of propoxyphene. The drug recall was brought on by the FDA, after they conclu… Read More
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What is the Severity of a Pedestrian Accident in Iowa?

When a catastrophic accident in Iowa strikes, you will probably not be given any warning. This type of accident can leave you with a severe disability or end your life within a matter of seconds. For… Read More
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A Closer Look at Head Injuries & Medical Costs from Motorcycle Crashes

The sudden impact on the head during an Iowa motorcycle accident can create brain injury and can lead to life-long disabilities. This is especially the case with more and more young motorcycle riders.… Read More
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What Not to Do After an Accident in Iowa

If you were in a bicycle, motorcycle, truck or car crash in Iowa, there are certain things you should and shouldn’t do after an accident. When a negligent party side-swipes you, rear-ends you, o… Read More
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How Are Children In Iowa Treated For Lead Poisoning?

Prevention is very simply the best way to reduce rates of lead poisoning in Iowa: testing our children for lead exposure, talking to our landlords about lead paint, and following government regulation… Read More
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Lead Poisoning Signs & Symptoms

The lead poisoning statistics for Iowa children are staggering: according to the Iowa Department of Public Health, seven percent of children living in Iowa are affected by lead poisoning, compared wit… Read More
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