Should truck drivers stay off the roads in winter or drive differently to minimize truck accidents?

There are serious risks of winter driving for not just truckers, but all motorists alike. Truck drivers cannot stop driving during the winter months; however, they can be smart about safe winter driving. When truck drivers find themselves in icy and snowy conditions, it can be dangerous and deadly for them as well as innocent motorists sharing the roads with them.

When wintery conditions affect Iowa roads, there are many car and truck accidents in Eastern Iowa because people do not prepare ahead of time for the winter driving period. Truck drivers are included in this, and need to prepare accordingly for harsh driving conditions.

Things that truckers could do to minimize their risks for an Iowa truck crash include:

  • Winterize their rigs.
  • Put extra distance between themselves and vehicles traveling ahead of them.
  • Slow down during harsh conditions.
  • Drive according to the road conditions.
  • Know where the closest truck stop is in case the weather gets ugly.
  • Know when to stop and pull off the road.

Even experienced truckers need to take preventative measures to protect themselves, their rigs and others traveling around them during bad weather conditions.

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