Why don't automakers do anything to help motorists reduce head and brain injuries in accidents?

Because car accidents in Eastern Iowa and throughout this nation are the number one reason for traumatic brain injuries, it may seem like auto manufacturers are not doing anything to prevent brain injuries. However, some of them are taking steps in the right direction.

Many companies have looked at ways to reduce injuries to the head and brain in auto accidents. This is one of the reasons why seatbelts and airbags were designed over the years; however, auto makers are still conducting research on head trauma and studying ways they can help reduce brain injuries in crashes in Iowa and around this nation.
Toyota Motor Corp. was recently honored by the Brain Trauma Foundation for the research they and their research partners are conducting on head injuries that occur in motor vehicle accidents. They are hoping that this research will help them develop better safety restraint systems and more safety technologies to help reduce the risk of traumatic brain injuries in automobile accidents.

Although this research is taking place, there have been safety mechanisms in cars that have proven to be defective, causing injuries to occupants. If you feel like your loved one suffered a traumatic brain injury in an Eastern Iowa car accident due to a defect in the car or due to another driver’s negligence, please call a skilled Cedar Rapids accident attorney at the Law Offices of Brady Preston Gronlund for a free legal consultation today at (319) 866-9277.