What types of Iowa businesses could be liable for drunk driving accidents and injuries?

There are dram shop laws in place in Iowa to help protect innocent people from intoxicated drivers on the road. Typically, dram shop cases involve a bar, tavern, or restaurant that serves a customer too much alcohol. These businesses have a duty to provide a level of care and should know or should have known that the person was drunk or would become intoxicated if they continued to serve him alcohol.

The businesses that are generally not liable in dram shop cases are grocery stores, gas stations or liquor stores that sell alcohol but do not serve it on their premises. The Iowa dram shop laws are intended to regulate alcoholic beverages served on a seller’s property for immediate consumption, and therefore do not apply to places that merely sell alcohol.

The liability occurs when that customer leaves a bar or establishment and drives drunk. If a Cedar Rapids car accident happens, that establishment could be liable for damages and injuries the intoxicated person caused.

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