Are You a Victim of Defective Product Fraud in Iowa?

Have you bought a product you were excited about using, only to be disappointed when you found out that it did not perform the way it should have? You might be a victim of consumer fraud in Iowa. Many consumers like you, in Iowa and around the country, do not know what to do when they feel victimized. If a product is misrepresented, does not work as promised, or is defective, there is a good chance that a class action lawsuit should be looked into.

There have been many successful class action suits in Iowa brought by consumers. Signs of consumer fraud include:

  • Products that do not work as promised. The ads on TV or in the store made the product look good. The ads might have promised that the product would perform a specific duty, but when it came to using this product it did not hold up, was designed poorly and did not work the way it should have.

  • Misrepresentation. The manufacturer guaranteed that the product would do a specific duty, or last a certain length of time. You might have picked this product over a similar one, and you might have paid extra for this product.

  • Products that wear out or give out prematurely. If the ad said the product was guaranteed to last a certain amount of time and it did not meet the promise made, you did not get your money's worth.

  • Defective products. The product did not work the way it should have. The product became dangerous, caused an injury, and you are not able to use this product any longer.

When products are defective or do not deliver as promised, you probably get stuck with the product and do not get your money's worth. The store might not take back your opened product and the manufacturer might not refund your money. In addition, if you are injured from a defective product you might get stuck with a medical bill for an injury that is not your fault. A class action lawsuit may be the only answer. Remember, if this product did not work or injured you, it more than likely injured another consumer in Iowa or around the country.

Seek justice when products are misrepresented, defective, or do not meet the promises made by the manufacturer. The manufacturer should be notified and held accountable for their defective product. If you would like to speak with an experienced Iowa consumer fraud attorney, contact the Law Offices of Brady Preston Gronlund regarding your potential class action lawsuit. Call us today at (319) 866-9277.