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Class Action Lawsuit Filed Over Facebook Privacy Breach

Zynga, provider of certain Facebook apps including Farmville, has been sued in a Federal Class Action Lawsuit over a recently reported Facebook privacy breach. The lawsuit arises out of Zynga’s sharing of Facebook user names with advertising an… Read More
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Toyota Settles Lawsuit with Family Killed in Crash

Toyota has reached a confidential settlement with the relatives of Mark Saylor, Cleofe Saylor, Mahala Saylor and Chris Lastrella, who were all killed in August 2009 when the Lexus they were travelling in sped out of control and crashed into a ravine.… Read More
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How Does a Class Action Lawsuit Work?

A class action lawsuit in Iowa is brought about because a group of people has been affected by the same concern and has suffered some sort of similar harm. Generally, a lead person named the Lead Plaintiff will represent a larger group of people and… Read More
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