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Distracted Driving on the Rise

As of July 1, 2017, law enforcement officers may now stop a vehicle when they suspect a driver using a cell phone to send text messages. Prior to the enactment of this law (Senate File 234), texting while driving was only a secondary offense, meaning… Read More
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Preparing for a Rainy Day to Prevent Iowa Car Accident Injuries

Car accidents in Iowa and throughout this nation can cause serious, debilitating injuries or even death. Sadly, many crashes occur during winter months, as the weather is harsh, road conditions are dangerous, visibility is limited and vehicles aren&#… Read More
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Could Aging Put Motorists at Risk for Cedar Rapids Car Accidents?

The truth of the matter is that we all age. Our eyes deteriorate over time and our health fails us. Some senior citizens recognize this and willingly give up the keys to their cars, but other elderly drivers won’t let go of their freedom and co… Read More
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Checking Your Tires Can Help Prevent an Eastern Iowa Crash

Although we would like to think that all we have to do is make a car payment to drive our vehicles, more is required of us to drive our cars safely. Vehicle maintenance is critical to a car’s longevity, and tire maintenance is vital to our safe… Read More
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Common Injuries Children Sustain in Cedar Rapids Playground Accidents

Every parent wants to protect their child from harm; however, sometimes there are hidden design defects in products that children play with or defects in playground equipment that parents are not aware of. Common defects in playground equipment in Io… Read More
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Iowa Parents May Not Be Using Child Restraints Correctly

According to NHTSA, 3 out of 4 parents do not correctly use child restraints. Without properly installed and fastened child restraints, your infant or toddler could potentially be injured if you get into a Cedar Rapids car accident. Research shows th… Read More
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Signs Your Infant May Be Suffering From Cerebral Palsy in Iowa

Sometimes bad things happen to innocent people. Although we can’t comprehend why something bad happens to us or our children, we do know that victims need to take a stand and be their own advocates after an Iowa catastrophic accident. If your n… Read More
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Causes of Restraint System Failure in Iowa Accidents

You may have gotten in your car just like any other day, fastened your seatbelt and taken off down the street, not giving much thought to your seatbelt design. However, what if you were involved in an Iowa car accident and your seatbelt came unlatche… Read More
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What are Citations for Iowa Nursing Home Violations?

Many nursing homes in Iowa have been in violation of health and safety standards. In fact, in 2007, the Department of Health and Human Services discovered that almost all nursing homes in the U.S. have been given citations for health and safety viola… Read More
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