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Preparing for a Rainy Day to Prevent Iowa Car Accident Injuries

Car accidents in Iowa and throughout this nation can cause serious, debilitating injuries or even death. Sadly, many crashes occur during winter months, as the weather is harsh, road conditions are dangerous, visibility is limited and vehicles aren&#… Read More
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What is Iowa’s Dram Shop Liability Act?

Most of us have probably seen a person at a bar who is obviously intoxicated. What if that person continues to get served alcohol and decides to drive home? Why didn’t the server or bartender notice his level of intoxication? Was it because they wa… Read More
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What is an Iowa Dramshop Claim and How is it Proven?

The most common type of dramshop claim in Iowa involves a restaurant, bar, or any other type of drinking establishment and a customer who consumes alcohol. If the customer is served too much alcohol, or if the customer is served alcohol when it is ap… Read More
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Paralysis is a Nightmare that Becomes Reality for Many Iowa Accident Victims

There are many types of injuries that you or a loved one can suffer from an Iowa car accident. Some are worse than others. A spinal cord injury is a major risk of a vehicle accident. In fact, car crashes account for nearly 40 percent of all new spina… Read More
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