Settlement Notice of Class Action Against Kelley Properties

The materials below relate to the lawsuit captioned Katherine Hicks, Ian Hicks, Rosa Sanchez, individually and as representatives of a class of others similarly situated v. Kelley Properties, Inc., Linn County Iowa Case Number Case No. CVCV087317.


  • 11/5/19 Court Order including (1) Preliminary Approving Proposed Settlement; (2) Directing Notice of Settlement to Class Members; (3) Establishing Deadlines and Procedures for Objecting and Opting-Out; and (4) Setting Fairness Hearing.
  • 11/4/19 Joint Motion for Preliminary Approval of Settlement.
  • 7/28/20 Uncashed settlement checks:

    On February 21, 2020, issued and mailed to all Payment Eligible Members checks in the amount of their portion of the Settlement Fund. Those settlement checks expired on May 21, 2020. A number of settlement checks were uncashed by the expiration date. As such, the Court extended the time for Payment Eligible Members who have not yet cashed their check to do so up to and including October 1, 2020.

    If you have questions regarding the lawsuit, you may visit to view documents related to the settlement. If you received a check and your bank will not accept it or you’ve misplaced it, contact by phone at (877) 268-2976, or email them at to request a new check. On the website, you will have the option to enter the username and password recently provided to you by to provide address correction information and request your new check.