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Northeast Iowa Woman Accused of Identity Theft

On Wednesday, March 2, 2011, a northeast Iowa woman was accused of identity theft. Authorities say that a 36-year-old woman of Elgin, Iowa, was arrested by the Fayette County Sheriff's Office and taken to the Fayette County Jail.

Tiqua Rene Anderson, the woman accused of identity theft, is said to have applied for and received a Sallie Mae federal student loan using someone else's name. Anderson got the student loan in January 2011.

The sheriff's office said that the victim allegedly did not have any knowledge that her name was used in order for Anderson to obtain this student loan, and the victim did not give Anderson permission to get the student loan.

If Anderson is charged and convicted of this crime, she could face jail time. Identity theft in Iowa is considered a felony and carries a penalty of prison time up to five years.

Anderson is awaiting her initial appearance and is being held in Fayette County Jail.

We will keep you updated about this case as more details unfold.

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