Lead Poisoning Caused by Jambrulin-Ayurvedic Health Supplement

The Connecticut Health Department is issuing a warning to consumers to avoid an Ayurvedic health supplement called Jambrulin because it contains dangerously high levels of lead. Jambrulin is marketed as aiding the pancreas; however when it was tested, it was found to contain approximately 3.5% lead. Multiple cases of lead poisoning have been linked to the use of Jambrulin. Jambrulin has previously been banned from being sold in New York in 2005 and in 2004 the CDC reported on a severe lead poisoning case caused by the use of Jambrulin.

Ayurveda is a traditional form of medicine practiced largely in India and South Asia. There are many Ayurvedic supplements that have been found to contain dangerously high levels of lead, mercury and arsenic. This can partially be caused by contamination, but in cases involving extremely high heavy metal content, the dangerous metal was likely an intentional ingredient.

Despite the well-known dangers of ingesting lead and other heavy metals, ayurvedic products containing heavy metal continue to be sold in the United States. This is because herbal supplements are not subjected to testing and approval by the FDA, the same way that other medications are.

Brady Preston Gronlund represented a woman who was severely lead poisoned by an ayurvedic supplement and worked with the countries leading experts in lead poisoning, including experts in lead poisoning caused by ayurvedic supplements.

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