Iowa Class Action Suit Claims Defective Flea and Tick Medication Causes Death and Injuries to Dogs

Recently, there have been reports of dogs suffering seizures and other serious issues from a spray-on flea and tick medication. Some dogs have even died as a result, which ignited a nationwide class action suit against Sergeant's Silver Flea and Tick.

The class action lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court in Sioux City, alleges that Sergeant's Silver Flea and Tick Squeeze-On for Dogs was not tested properly prior to consumers purchasing it in Iowa stores and around the nation.

The lawsuit, headed by two Iowa women whose dogs were rushed to the vet after a play date in 2009, are asking on behalf of the class for compensation for vet bills, hospitalization costs, burials, and refunds for the medicine that was bought.

The Iowa class action lawsuit began after Ms. Bruett applied Sergeant's Silver Squeeze to her 3-year-old poodle. Soon after the application, Ms. Dodge brought her 9-month-old Yorkshire terrier puppy over for a play date. Although Ms. Bruett followed the instructions, the medicine caused an adverse reaction, and both dogs began shaking and having seizures.

Both dogs were rushed to a veterinarian and were bathed repeatedly. The poodle was eventually sent home, as it was 24.4 pounds and got through it. However, the Yorkshire terrier puppy was only 2.2 pounds and had repeated vomiting, quivers, increased respiration and heart rate, and died within a few hours.

These plaintiffs are arguing that Sergeant sold a defective product with insufficient warning labels, and are seeking damages.

Other consumers have come forward complaining about their dogs acting frantically after application, as well as severe reactions, toxic poisoning, pain, excessive scratching, crying and throwing up.

A spokeswoman for Sergeant has declined to comment to the Des Moines Register due to pending litigation.

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