Iowa-Based Company at Center of Class Action Suit

Since class action cases require certification before they can proceed as a consumer class action lawsuit, it was already a victorious day for some consumers after a judge recently certified that the case against Pella Corporation could be considered a class action lawsuit.

Pella Corp. is an Iowa-based manufacturer of doors and windows, and has been the focus of many complaints regarding allegations of defective products.

The majority of people who are involved in the Pella lawsuit have noticed that their window frames were rotting before the timeframe that a window should last. Consumers are claiming that the company has a design defect allowing water to seep in behind the aluminum cladding, thus causing the wood to rot prematurely.

Iowa consumers as well as other consumers throughout the nation have brought their concerns to court in hopes of seeking financial recovery. In the case of some residents, they are seeking damages for the future. Although judges typically do not compensate people who have not suffered losses, this is one of the factors of the Pella case since there may be future losses.

The lawsuit is also claiming that Pella Corp is committing consumer fraud because they have hidden the problem from the public. However, Pella is denying those allegations.

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