Equifax Security Breach leads to Iowa AG Consumer Alert & US Senate Inquiry

Following the Equifax security breach, the Iowa Attorney General posted a consumer alert that the breach disclosed data affecting 1,099,125 Iowans.

The alert also contains a link to the data breach website set up by Equifax. According to the Equifax FAQ page regarding the breach, it learned of the incident on July 29, 2017.

The US Senate Committee on Finance has requested information from Equifax regarding the breach. The letter submitted from the Senate Committee specifically sought, at paragraph number 5(4), a response from Equifax regarding the terms of service of its site containing an arbitration provision and precluding participation in a class action suit. Notwithstanding that issue, within days of the revelation of the data breach, Equifax is the subject of numerous class-action lawsuits with more being filed regularly.

The FTC recommends the following step by step actions to protect against misuse of your personal identifying information.

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