Why Are Certain Iowa Nursing Homes Immune to Fines?

A recent report by the Des Moines Register reveals that some nursing homes in Iowa are immune to fines. Although a typical Iowa nursing home can get slapped with a fine of up to $10,000 for each violation that caused someone's injury or death, an Iowa hospital-owned nursing home is immune to fines.

Iowa has 45 hospital-owned nursing homes that are not subject to the same fines as the other Iowa nursing homes.

How Can This Be?

Under Iowa law, hospital-owned nursing homes or long term care facilities aren't allowed to be penalized with state fines. No matter how many violations or how serious the violations, these nursing homes or long term care facilities will not receive any fines for their safety and health violations.

The former Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals Director Dean Lerner attempted to "level the playing field" by wanting Iowa legislators to subject these hospital-owned nursing homes to the same fines and penalties as the other nursing homes in the state; however his efforts were resisted.

Although Iowa cannot fine hospital-owned nursing homes, certain Iowa officials have asked federal officials to consider fining certain homes. In fact, Iowa officials asked federal officials if they could fine 7 Iowa hospital-owned nursing homes for 10 violations between 2004 and 2008, in which fines ranged from $650 to $48,100.

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