Are There Not Enough Iowa Nursing Home State Inspectors?

If you have chosen a nursing home for your parent or loved one to reside in, it is typically because they need constant care or they have a serious medical problem for which they need supervision from a nurse or doctor. When you choose a nursing home facility, you want to make sure your family member is receiving the best care possible, since they can no longer care for themselves.

Most residents at nursing homes have serious medical issues such as Alzheimer's and need constant care and supervision. There are 442 nursing homes in Iowa providing care for residents who are generally chronically ill and need nursing care 24/7. Nursing homes in Iowa must follow the federal guidelines, as they are considered medical facilities for seniors.

The job of a state nursing home inspector is to respond to hundreds of Iowa nursing home abusecomplaints and review over 150 regulatory standards for each facility, in order to make sure those homes are in compliance. However, these inspections take a lot of time, as inspectors have to observe the care and interactions between residents and the staff. They also have to conduct interviews with residents and their family members. Sometimes these inspections can take over a week.

There were 38 state nursing homes inspectors in Iowa; however, Department of Inspections and Appeals Director Rod Roberts recently cut 10 jobs, leaving 28 inspectors to observe over 440 homes and 300,000 residents. The job of state inspectors is important, as they hold nursing homes accountable for providing good care to senior residents. With fewer Iowa nursing home inspectors, will there be more nursing home abuse and neglect?

If inspections are not done correctly or often enough and facilities are failing to meet minimum federal standards, it could put residents in jeopardy.

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