A truck rear-ended my car and sent me to the hospital with injuries. The insurance company is trying to settle this claim quickly. When should I settle?

When cars and trucks collide, occupants in the passenger vehicles typically are seriously injured or even die as a result of having an 80,000-pound truck crash into their car. Thankfully, you survived this Eastern Iowa truck crash; however, you should be rightfully compensated for your injuries.

Insurance companies know that Iowa truck accidents can produce serious injuries, and often injuries can still surface months later. This is why you may find that the insurance company is trying to settle your claim as soon as possible, so they won't be liable for your injuries later down the line.

It is best to never accept their first offer. You should also talk with a skilled Cedar Rapids personal injury lawyer at the Law Offices of Brady Preston Gronlund to find out what financial rights you are entitled to. Call (319) 866-9277 for a free legal consultation to find out how much your claim may be worth.