I purchased a used tractor on the Internet, but it turned out to be a scam. Now I'm out $19,000. What can I do about it?

Unfortunately, this situation is not rare, and cases of consumer fraud in Iowa occur from time to time. There are many thieves and scammers online looking to make some fast cash. Typically these false advertisements are posted on eBay or Craigslist, making the offer look too good to be true. For example, the advertisement might show a picture of a John Deere tractor or Kubota front-end loader with the correct specs and information, but there may be specific false signs to look out for.

Is the price too low for the age of the tractor, is the posting asking for a money wire, and does the seller refer to the currency as USD? If so, it most likely is a scam. There are honest ads on these sites too, but these fraudulent advertisements make people hesitant to even purchase anything on these auction sites ever again.

If you have been cheated out of your money, then you are a victim of consumer and financial fraud in Iowa. Please call an Iowa consumer fraud lawyer to find out about your rights and what your next steps should be. Call a skilled Cedar Rapids consumer fraud attorney at the law offices of Brady Preston Gronlund at (319) 866-9277 for a free legal consultation.