I was injured in a Cedar Rapid car accident when my seatbelt came unlatched. Who is responsible for my seatbelt failure?

When a seatbelt fails, you can sustain serious injuries through no fault of your own. The manufacturer of the seatbelt, most likely the vehicle manufacturer, could be held liable for your injuries.

Seatbelts have been known to be defective and malfunction in a number of different cases each and every year - causing injuries to many. There are many reasons why a seatbelt could fail, including: unlatching, failure of the seatbelt's retractor, torn or ripped seatbelt webbing, faulty automatic seatbelts, and other additional causes.

After your Cedar Rapids car accident, you need to talk to a skilled personal injury lawyer who can help get your seatbelt and vehicle inspected to collect and preserve the evidence proving your seatbelt failure, in order to hold the manufacturer liable for your injuries.

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