Why is the other driver's insurance company asking me to sign a medical release form?

After an Iowa car accident, truck accident or motorcycle crash, the insurance company for the other driver is going to try and get you to sign waiver documents as soon as possible. An adjustor's job is to minimize the amount that the insurance company has to pay out.

They will try and get their hands on your medical records. If you sign a medical release, they may use that to look through the last several years of your records to see if they can find any claims that would help their case. For example, if you injured your back and neck five years ago in a slip and fall accident, they may try to establish that your back or neck was already hurt and that you had a preexisting condition.

Insurance companies have tactics they use to try and deny your claim or lessen the amount of money they will pay out. Do not sign the medical release form, and avoid signing waivers that the insurance company asks you to sign.

Speak with an attorney who will be able to work with the insurance companies on your behalf. An experienced Cedar Rapids personal injury lawyer will be able to file the correct forms to get you the most compensation possible. Contact Brady Preston Gronlund today for legal advice at (319) 866-9277.

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