My doctor didn't detect my cancer in time. What are my rights after a cancer misdiagnosis?

The sad fact is that cancer does need to be caught in time in order to have a fair chance of fighting it. If your Iowa doctor confirmed that you didn't have cancer even though you showed symptoms, you most likely believed him, since he is the skilled professional that you entrust your health to.

However, doctors have been known to be wrong. They may rely on only one test to determine their verdict, misread the test results, fail to conduct other tests or biopsies, or fail to order other scans. Doctors may be liable for your damages if they demonstrated a poor standard of care and were negligent in their actions.

If your doctor's mistakes delayed your cancer treatment due to cancer misdiagnosis, you may have an Iowa medical malpractice lawsuit. If you have been a victim of cancer misdiagnosis in Iowa, please call a skilled Cedar Rapids medical malpractice attorney in order to seek justice against your negligent physician.

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