I can't seem to find a quality nursing home in Cedar Rapids for my father. Are there any good ones in Iowa, and why are there so many Iowa nursing homes fined for health and safety violations?

Sadly, there are hundreds of Iowa nursing homes fined for health and safety violations. Many reasons include lack of staff, neglect, staff not trained properly, inadequate nutritional services, malnutrition, failure to make the facility safe, inability to provide quality care to residents, patient abuse, infected bed sores, medication errors and more.

While I'm sure everything you are reading sounds bad, there are still some good Iowa nursing homes out there; however, you need to conduct your research, visit the facilities and interview the residents and staff.

When a nursing facility is cited for a health and safety violation, they may be penalized with fees, probation, or other disciplinary actions. Unfortunately, the average Iowa nursing home has an average of 7 health deficiency violations. Make sure you do your research on a facility to find out how many violations they might have.

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