Can a trucking company be held liable for a wreck?

After a truck accident in Iowa, there are several parties that may be held liable for your injuries and damages. Although the truck driver is first to come to mind after a tractor-trailer wreck in Cedar Rapids, the truck company may also be responsible for the crash and potentially liable for your injuries.

The truck company may have been negligent and may have had something to do with your accident. Ultimately, they are responsible for everything their employees do. The truck accident could have occurred because of improper loading of the truck, lack of maintenance, or lack of proper rest breaks. Although the driver may be liable for working too many hours and not taking the proper breaks according to the law, the truck company may share in this liability and may be responsible for your injuries, lost wages, medical bills and more.

It is a truck company's responsibility to make sure their truck driver is following the rules and to make sure that the truck is safe while on the road.

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