What is the advantage of filing a class action lawsuit?

There are several advantages of class action suits. The biggest advantage is that they lower the cost of litigation for the individual because of the large group of people involved. A class action lawsuit is good for individuals who might have a minimal case in which it would not be worth it for that individual to bring it to court. For example, if the losses are too small to justify an individual trial, a class action suit would be beneficial. In addition, class action suits can increase the efficiency of the legal process. For example, a class action suit will eliminate witnesses, testimonies and exhibits from being repeated day after day. Also, a class action eliminates different court rulings for the same issue, and the outcome will be divided fairly between all plaintiffs involved, if the case is won. This provides protection for all members of the class. Class action lawsuits in Iowa are valuable to the legal system as these suits are fair and efficient when large numbers of parties are involved or harmed.