HACAP Donation

Brady Preston Gronlund, PC is pleased to announce that it, and its co-counsel, Nidey Erdahl Meier & Araguás, PLC, were able to secure a class-action settlement in a dispute involving thousands of Linn County tenants and their landlord. The Settlement Agreement provided that those amounts remaining in the settlement fund after the expiration of time for all settlement checks to be cashed, would be donated to HACAP for purposes of application to its housing initiative. That initiative is specifically designed to address homelessness in Linn County and surrounding areas. We are happy to announce that through those efforts we were able to see a nearly $150,000 check delivered to HACAP in December of 2020. We were very pleased to be part of that effort and to be able to assist in addressing in some part the issue of homelessness and housing challenges in our area.