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Minimize Brain Injuries in Iowa by Keeping Iowa Kids Safe this Holiday Season

Christmastime is when most toys are bought, and often because most children have been begging mommy and daddy for months for a specific toy. Although most toys are safe due to the higher standards of toy makers and stronger federal rules, some toys s… Read More
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Iowa Doctors May Misdiagnose Breast Cancer Even With Use of Mammograms

Breast cancer is one of the scariest things a woman faces in her lifetime, as it is the second leading cause of cancer fatalities for women in America. This is why women have mammograms and yearly exams to check for breast cancer. However, what if a… Read More
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Heart Attacks Go Undiagnosed and Misdiagnosed by Iowa Medical Professionals

When you hear the term heart attack mentioned, you may visualize someone grasping their chest from their crushing chest pain and falling to the floor. Although some victims of heart attacks experience this description, not everyone suffering from hea… Read More
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Signs Your Infant May Be Suffering From Cerebral Palsy in Iowa

Sometimes bad things happen to innocent people. Although we can’t comprehend why something bad happens to us or our children, we do know that victims need to take a stand and be their own advocates after an Iowa catastrophic accident. If your n… Read More
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What are the Differences Between Iowa Nursing Homes & Assisted Living Centers?

When a parent gets too old or too sick to take care of themselves and needs assistance, you may not be able to care for them and need to turn to a long term care facility for help with your loved one. If you are looking for a facility to place your p… Read More
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Iowa Tractor Accidents Produce Serious Injuries

Each year there are several serious farm accidents in Iowa. When an agricultural industry accident happens, it can be extremely serious or even fatal, as farming is one of the most deadly industries in the nation. Iowa tractor accidents are typically… Read More
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Your Rights Following an Iowa Farm and Agriculture Accident

Farming is one of the largest industries, and it is also one of the most dangerous and deadliest industries in this nation. Because of the hard work and heavy equipment that is used in farming, there are many hazards that agriculture workers deal wit… Read More
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Iowa Livestock Related Fatalities May be Due to Negligence in Training

Farmers and ranchers in Iowa who have contact with cattle are at risk for injuries and even death, as livestock are powerful, territorial, unpredictable, and can be spooked by a number of things. When a person deals with livestock, they know there ar… Read More
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What are Citations for Iowa Nursing Home Violations?

Many nursing homes in Iowa have been in violation of health and safety standards. In fact, in 2007, the Department of Health and Human Services discovered that almost all nursing homes in the U.S. have been given citations for health and safety viola… Read More
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Are Iowa Politicians Looking to Decrease Oversight in Assisted Living Facilities?

Recently, Governor Terry Branstad indicated that there should be less governmental oversight of senior assisted living centers, which has sparked a controversial issue regarding this matter. Brandstad suggested his idea at an AARP conversation on agi… Read More
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