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Brady Preston Gronlund, PC is pleased to announce that it, and its co-counsel, Nidey Erdahl Meier & Araguás, PLC, were able to secure a class-action settlement in a dispute involving thousands of Linn County tenants and their landlord. The Settl… Read More
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Iowa Supreme Court Decertifies a Class of Workers Alleging a Violation of Iowa's Workers' Compensation Statute

On March 20, 2020, the Iowa Supreme Court issued its decision in the matter of Roland v. Annett Holdings, Inc., decertifying the class of workers that had been certified by the District Court, alleging violations of Iowa’s Code Chapter 85, which is… Read More
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Induction into American College of Trial Lawyers

On September 27,2019, Matthew L. Preston, an attorney and partner at Brady Preston Gronlund PC, became a Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers, one of the premier legal associations in North America. The induction ceremony at which Mr. Pres… Read More
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Iowa Supreme Court OKs Insurance Agent's Failure to Advise

In an opinion issued today, the Iowa Supreme Court found that an insurance agent did not have an affirmative duty to advise his clients to consider workers compensation insurance for a self-employed over-the-road truck driver due to the limited relat… Read More
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Tips to Protect Your Trade Secrets

Companies often invest a large amount of time and money creating a product and refining the manufacturing, processes, and operations. The last thing a company wants is for its competitors to get their hands on the same information. This knowledge is… Read More
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Why You Need a Lawyer to Handle Your Business Insurance Coverage Dispute

Insurance companies are extremely happy to have your company’s business and charge you monthly or annual premiums for insurance coverage; however, in the event of a loss that your company has suffered, they are very quick to deny or undervalue… Read More
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Common Reasons Why Partnership Disputes in Iowa Occur

The negative impact a partnership dispute has on a business is huge. Typically, when a partnership dispute occurs at a smaller business, the impact is greater than with a larger partnership. Often times this leads to tense working conditions and ulti… Read More
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