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Minimize Brain Injuries in Iowa by Keeping Iowa Kids Safe this Holiday Season

Christmastime is when most toys are bought, and often because most children have been begging mommy and daddy for months for a specific toy. Although most toys are safe due to the higher standards of toy makers and stronger federal rules, some toys still have been known to hurt children.

Sometimes when children get new toys, they pass their older toys to another family in need. These can include toys with lead-based paint. The dangers of toys painted with lead paint are serious and can cause catastrophic results. When kids are exposed to lead, it can result in lead poisoning in Iowa, causing injuries such as a traumatic brain injury. It can also damage a child’s kidneys and nervous system.

It is critical to avoid purchasing toys painted with lead paint to minimize brain injuries in Iowa children.

So what can you do after the holidays to ensure that your child is safe?

Now that the holidays have passed, it is wise to inspect the toys your children received to make sure nothing was painted with lead or recalled. It is also critical to inspect the toys you will be giving away to other families or donating to charity. If toys are showing signs of wear, cracked paint or peeling surfaces, then do not keep them in circulation. It is better to destroy those toys than pass them around to other children. This way you may be able to save a child from lead poisoning and traumatic brain injuries in Iowa.

If your child has suffered a brain injury as a result of lead poisoning in Iowa, you may have rights to compensation. Find out how to protect your child’s interests by talking with a caring and experienced Eastern Iowa catastrophic injury lawyer. You can call the Law Offices of Brady Preston Gronlund for a free legal consultation with one of our skilled Cedar Rapids lead poisoning lawyers today at (319) 866-9277.

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