Your Rights Following an Iowa Farm and Agriculture Accident

Farming is one of the largest industries, and it is also one of the most dangerous and deadliest industries in this nation. Because of the hard work and heavy equipment that is used in farming, there are many hazards that agriculture workers deal with on a daily basis that result in injuries or fatalities.

Farming may involve exposure to hazardous chemicals, tractor rollovers, animal attacks, grain bin suffocation, grain silo explosions, exposure to toxic substances, and many more. When a farm accident in Iowa occurs, victims may be entitled to financial compensation for the injuries they sustained.

Sometimes the laws governing farming are complex, and the relationships of some farm workers may or may not be a simple employer/employee relationship. A skilled lawyer who handles Iowa farm accidents should be consulted to ensure that you receive the compensation you are entitled to for your injuries.

Other parties that may be responsible for your farm accident injuries include:

  • Equipment manufacturer
  • Equipment dealer
  • Manufacturer of an attachment
  • Owner of farm for lack of training
  • Other farm workers for improper storage of toxic chemicals

When farm accidents of any nature occur, a proper investigation should take place to determine if there are other parties that should be held responsible for your injuries. When equipment is not maintained properly, when chemicals are not stored properly, when safety guards have been removed, when equipment is defective, or when no training was provided, there may be a party that should be held liable for your Iowa farm work accident.

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