Iowa Livestock Related Fatalities May be Due to Negligence in Training

Farmers and ranchers in Iowa who have contact with cattle are at risk for injuries and even death, as livestock are powerful, territorial, unpredictable, and can be spooked by a number of things. When a person deals with livestock, they know there are risks and dangers associated with this type of work; however, there still may be legal ramifications in the event of injury or death caused by cattle.

A report by the Centers for Disease and Control (CDC), "Fatalities Caused by Cattle," revealed that males who are over 60 years of age in Iowa are at higher risk for being injured or killed by cattle. The report also indicated that working with cattle in an enclosed area can increase the chance of being injured or killed by cattle. Other factors in the death of farmers, ranchers and farmhands include moving and herding the cattle, loading the cattle, and feeding the cattle.

Although cows have personalities of their own and are strong creatures, there are ways of preventing injuries and fatalities on a farm. Farmhands should be trained properly on how to deal with cattle. If the owner of the farm was negligent in training and did not follow proper standards for agriculture working conditions, an injured farmhand or decedent's family member may have a legal claim and should talk to an Iowa farm injury lawyer.

Also, if a cow has shown signs of aggressive behavior and nothing was done about it, the farm owner or company may be held liable if an accident or death occurs as a result. If an animal on the farm has been identified as aggressive, farms should not allow their workers to interact with that animal, as there are safety risks involved.

Other Causes of Farm Accidents and Fatalities Include:

  • Defective tractor and tractor rollover
  • Defective farm equipment
  • Improper handling of livestock
  • Gas explosions
  • Electrical power incorrectly installed
  • Falls from equipment or heights

If there is negligence or misconduct on the part of the owner of the farm, if safety measures were not followed, or if proper standards for agriculture working were not in place, and a farm worker was injured or died as a result, an injured farm worker may have a liability claim against the company or person who may have been responsible.

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