Baby Suffered Erb’s Palsy from an Iowa Hospital – What Now?

After you have a baby in Iowa, you expect that you have gotten through the biggest hurdle - pushing. However, there are rare complications during the labor and delivery process that could lead to a catastrophic birth injury in Iowa and throughout the nation. Approximately one to two babies in one thousand births will have Erb's Palsy, also known as a brachial nerve injury.

Erb's Palsy is a result of a nerve injury that typically occurs from one of the following during the delivery process:

  • Excessive pulling on a baby's shoulder in a head-first delivery

  • If the baby's neck and head are drawn to the side when the shoulders exit the birth canal

  • A feet-first (breech) delivery, which creates excessive pressure on the arms

  • When larger-than-average babies cause shoulder dystocia

  • Prolonged labor and difficult labor

Because this injury is caused at birth, the condition is generally noticed immediately. If your infant was injured at birth, look for lack of motion or grip in the affected hand, lack of reflex, or your baby holding its arm stiff against the body. If you suspect injury, immediately notify the doctors and contact an Iowa birth injury attorney.

Because this injury is caused from stretching the nerves, it typically heals within six to twelve months; however, if nerves are torn more permanent damage can take place. If stretching caused the injury, the baby will need physical therapy to fully recover. If nerves were torn, surgery may be required.

If your baby was injured at birth, contact a Cedar Rapids catastrophic injury lawyer at Brady Preston Gronlund today. You will want to speak with someone who knows how to proceed with these cases, and you will need compensation for your medical bills, your baby's physical therapy, and surgery (if needed). Call today at (319) 866-9277 and speak with a knowledgeable birth injury lawyer regarding your options.