Passenger Ejected After Rollover Sustained Life-Threatening Injuries

Our client, a passenger in a vehicle, was injured when she was ejected from the vehicle traveling at highway speed on the interstate. The driver of the vehicle had been drinking at area bars and was operating the vehicle under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Our client insisted that the driver let her out of the vehicle before the crash. He refused, continued to drive recklessly and then rolled his vehicle, causing her to be ejected, landing on the roadway. She suffered severe and disabling injuries, including multiple broken bones, numerous internal injuries, and total permanent blindness in both eyes. Brady Preston Gronlund filed a lawsuit against the driver and the bars that unlawfully served alcohol to the driver in the hours leading up to the accident. Brady Preston Gronlund obtained an expert opinion from a forensic toxicologist concerning the amount of alcohol, level and timing of intoxication to establish liability of the bars. After several mediations, our client received a confidential and satisfactory settlement.

Results: Confidential