Why Don’t More Truck Drivers Use Escape Ramps to Avoid Eastern Iowa Truck Crashes?

There you are, driving along down a hill or mountain pass with a loaded 18-wheeler weighing 80,000 pounds when you notice that your speed is increasing. You apply the brakes, but notice that they are not working properly and that they are fading.

What you need is a runaway truck ramp, also called a truck escape ramp. There aren't many in Eastern Iowa like the one on US 18 west of Marquette. When truckers are coming down a steep hill, sometimes their trucks get away from them and their brakes fail. When this happens, it can cause an Eastern Iowa truck accident involving innocent motorists that appear to be sitting ducks.

This is why truckers need escape ramps when their brakes go out. However, sometimes truck drivers think they can make it to the bottom or steer their truck to safety, but it rarely happens. When a truck's brakes overheat or malfunction, even in areas with heavy traffic or on steep hills, a trucker needs to use the runaway truck ramp if there is one. They are typically located in areas where big rig accidents across this nation occur.

If you have been involved and injured in an Eastern Iowa truck crash due to a trucker's negligence or a truck's brake failure, then you may have legal rights to a financial recovery. Find out if you can pursue compensation for your medical bills, physical therapy, occupational therapy, lost income, and more.

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