Are Motorcycle Riders Vulnerable to Distracted Drivers?

Distracted driving in Iowa and throughout this nation is a serious problem these days, and the act of distracted driving is considered negligent driving that could lead to catastrophic injuries. Distracted driving can be anything from talking on a cell phone to texting, talking to passengers, selecting music from an iPod, grooming while looking in the mirror, eating, or even reading emails.

Is there a connection between distracted driving and motorcycle fatalities?

There is a connection linking distracted driving to motorcycle fatalities on Iowa's roadways. Distracted drivers texting, talking on cell phones and doing other miscellaneous activities from behind the wheel has led to an increase in motorcycle fatalities and injuries. In fact, distracted drivers have been known to cause an increase in pedestrian and bicycle injuries and fatalities as well.

The problem with engaging in these types of activities from behind the wheel is that drivers often do not see other vehicles, motorcycles, pedestrians, or even bicycle riders on the road. This is because drivers take their eyes off the road and their minds are not entirely focused on the task at hand.

If drivers would not drive distracted and would stay alert, more lives could be saved. According to the Iowa Department of Transportation, drivers need to be more aware of other motorists including motorcyclists on the roads. This is the only way Iowa motorcycle crash fatalities will start to decrease. If all drivers started paying closer attention to the road and not their texts, injuries and fatalities would decrease on the roadways.

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