Iowa Motorcycle Riders May Face New Motorcycle Helmet Law Soon

Some people feel that motorcycle operators should wear a helmet to protect the motorcycle driver, while others believe wearing a helmet is an individual decision that should be left up to the rider. As we know, Iowa is one of the last three states in the nation that does not enforce a helmet law for motorcycle riders. Will this change soon?

There are a number of motorcycle riders who are injured, killed, or permanently disabled from head injuries they sustain in motorcycle accidents in Iowa and throughout the rest of the nation. Head trauma, traumatic brain injury, and other serious injuries or death are affecting more and more motorcycle riders than ever before.

Officials believe that an Iowa helmet law would help reduce fatalities and head injuries. Iowa motorcycle crashes have claimed sixty people so far this year, which is an increase in motorcycle fatalities over the last two years. The National Traffic and Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) reports that motorcycle fatalities across the nation continue to increase, with 4,400 motorcycle deaths in 2009.

Due to the alarmingly growing rate of motorcycle fatalities, the NTSB said it would like to see all of the remaining 50 states adopt a helmet law. In fact, it wants to propose a mandatory federal helmet law that would cover all 50 states.

Will Iowa motorcycle riders soon face a mandatory helmet law? Motorcycle experts believe the law will fail, just as it did in 1976. We will report more on this subject if there are any changes made to the current Iowa law. Visit our website to view our other blogs, articles, frequently asked questions and other resources for more information.

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