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Car Accidents May Lead to Traumatic Brain Injury

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1.5 million Americans sustain a traumatic brain injury (TBI) every year. In fact, the leading cause of traumatic brain injury in Iowa and in America is truck, motorcycle and car accidents.

Because damage to the brain can range from mild to severe, victims of traumatic brain injury may live with slight impairments or end up permanently disabled. Victims who suffer this catastrophic injury may end up in a vegetative state and need ongoing medical care for life.

When the head is injured in a serious Iowa car accident, higher functions are affected and victims have trouble communicating. Brain injuries can lead to trouble with the following:

  • Speaking

  • Thinking

  • Motor skills

  • Personality change (such as Schizophrenia)

The good news is that most people who sustain a traumatic brain injury end up recovering. However, recovery could be a long road. Because there is no cure for brain damage, victims often need rehabilitation, physical therapy, and speech therapy to improve functions and minimize the symptoms.

Since the brain cannot heal itself from an injury, people with severe head trauma will most likely need assistance from their families. Brain injury not only affects the victim, it also impacts the victim's family and loved ones as they will be emotionally and financially affected due to this injury.

A victim of traumatic brain injury will most likely not be able to return to work for sometime or ever, and will need to seek monetary compensation for lost wages, as well as medical bills, and rehabilitation costs. Contact Iowa injury lawyers at Brady Preston Gronlund to see what compensation you may qualify to receive. Call (319) 866-9277 today.

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