Why You Need a Lawyer to Handle Your Business Insurance Coverage Dispute

Insurance companies are extremely happy to have your company's business and charge you monthly or annual premiums for insurance coverage; however, in the event of a loss that your company has suffered, they are very quick to deny or undervalue your insurance claim. We have seen this happen numerous times with many local Iowa businesses.

It is often hard for individuals and even business owners to understand the details of insurance contracts. In order for business owners to get the insurance company to fulfill the agreed-upon coverage, many small, medium and even large businesses need the assistance of an experienced Iowa business litigation lawyer to dispute an insurance bad faith claims.

If your company suffered damage from a fire, flood, or theft, you cannot afford for the insurance company to deny your claim or undervalue your claim. You need your insurance company to be there for you, and often this is not the case. Unfortunately, this happens all too often, and is a typical type of property insurance claim we see frequently.

With the help of an experienced Iowa business litigation lawyer, you may be able to recover from your company's direct loss. Do not let the insurance company deny your claim or undervalue your claim without having a knowledgeable attorney review your case. Call the law firm of Brady Preston Gronlund today at (319) 866-9277 for your free consultation.