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Has Fraud in Eastern Iowa Cost You More Than Your Identity?

You may not be hearing as much as you once did about identity theft; however, just because it is not the front-page story that it once was, that doesn’t mean it’s not occurring. Identity theft in Iowa and throughout this nation is still taking pl… Read More
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Why Don’t More Truck Drivers Use Escape Ramps to Avoid Eastern Iowa Truck Crashes?

There you are, driving along down a hill or mountain pass with a loaded 18-wheeler weighing 80,000 pounds when you notice that your speed is increasing. You apply the brakes, but notice that they are not working properly and that they are fading.  W… Read More
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When Mail Fraud Turns into Financial Fraud in Iowa

So many different types of fraud occur each and every day around this nation. Sadly, fraudulent people are looking to deceive others in order to obtain another’s money, identity, services or property. This often occurs through mail and wire fra… Read More
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Could Aging Put Motorists at Risk for Cedar Rapids Car Accidents?

The truth of the matter is that we all age. Our eyes deteriorate over time and our health fails us. Some senior citizens recognize this and willingly give up the keys to their cars, but other elderly drivers won’t let go of their freedom and co… Read More
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Checking Your Tires Can Help Prevent an Eastern Iowa Crash

Although we would like to think that all we have to do is make a car payment to drive our vehicles, more is required of us to drive our cars safely. Vehicle maintenance is critical to a car’s longevity, and tire maintenance is vital to our safe… Read More
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Risks Eastern Iowa Tow Truck Drivers Face on the Job

A tow truck driver’s work is on the road. When a tow truck driver goes to work, he drives all day and faces numerous risks from distracted drivers. When tow operators stop on the interstate to recover vehicles, they are often not given much roo… Read More
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Scam Artists Use Cancer Research to Con Iowa Victims Out of Money

Sadly, cancer has probably claimed the life of someone you know: a mother, father, grandparent, sibling, friend, spouse, or even your child. Cancer is a horrible disease that tugs at everyone’s hearts, minds and emotions. Because scam artists k… Read More
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Steps of a Ponzi Scheme Iowa Investors Should Be Aware Of

In a recent article, we explained more about Ponzi schemes and how investors are promised high and abnormal returns or dividends for their investments. Although scam artists may show investors numbers, they are exaggerated earnings in order to trick… Read More
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Iowa Playground Safety and Prevention Strategies

Almost one-third of all playground fatalities and about 75% of playground-related injuries happen on public playgrounds, such as school playgrounds, city parks and community playgrounds, according to Safe Kids USA. And, about 40% of these incidents o… Read More
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Know the Laws that Protect Iowa Consumers from Defective Products

Defective products seriously injure thousands of people every year and even claim the lives of some. If you have been injured by a defective product or if you purchased a product that did not perform as promised, you have rights. Many consumers do n… Read More
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